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In 2023 the long awaited IFMAR 1/8 IC World Championship was held at IFS (INFINITY INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY) in Japan. On its official debut 6 out of 10 IF18-3 cars advanced to the final, with team driver “Dario Balestri” ultimately being crowned 2023 IFMAR World Champion. The new “IF18-3” was designed based on data from INFINITY team drivers active all around the world and introduced by them during the 2023 World championships. With increased rigidity and a lower center of gravity, it has outstanding rear traction that significantly exceeds the previous model “IF18-2”. Armed with an all new brake system with improved control and drivability the IF18-3 successfully regained the championship title. ”IF18-3” has multiple part revisions from the previous model, allowing for a wide range of settings with minimal changes to each component, making it adaptable to all track conditions. The INFINITY IF series fuel tank, which has received high praise all over the world, guarantees a stable fuel supply, The new clutch extracts as much power as possible even from 16% nitro fuel, which is mainstream in Europe. The front area has also been improved and the lower suspension has improved crash resistance, now making it possible reproduce track width setup changes more quickly and easily. Of course, it maintains high compatibility with many existing parts, and the design allows you to continue using a wide variety of optional parts, so you can customize it to your liking. Please come and experience the fascinating world of IF18-3.


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